I am a writer and poet. My work is regularly featured on SpillWords.com, and I was nominated for May Publication of the Month. You can also find me on Literary Arts Review and Teen Ink, the latter of which published my poem in their monthly magazine in 2015. I spend a good deal of my time writing and updating my blog. It’s really one of the few places where I feel free, open, and safe in discussing my life with Aspergers Syndrome. Through blogging I’ve developed as a poet, and have “met” some incredible people through it. Some of you I follow here as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to use my blog following when my poetry book is published. I write all the time, even when I probably shouldn’t be.

“With me poetry is not just purpose but a passion”

Work aside…

-I work at Mary’s Gourmet Coffee and Donuts in Cockeysville, Maryland

-I’m been a die-hard Chiefs fan since 2008. (I’ve got to get that featured here more often)

-Madden and Call of Duty. All day.

-There ARE male Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco fans. I’m living proof.

-Avid reader and two time attendee of the Books For The Beast reading conference

-Watcher of 1000 Ways To Die, Ancient Aliens (and almost anything that deals with extraterrestrials), Weather Channel (I swear by Sarah Dillingham), Family Guy, and American Dad among other things