Devereaux Frazier is many things. A published poet and writer, contributor to Blood Into Ink, Guest Barista for Go Dog Go Cafe, Active Seller for IKEA Baltimore, Volunteer for the Patterson Park Audubon Society, and Furniture Assembler for TaskRabbit, all the while maintaining profiles on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook that work as both branches of his poetic work and connections to new readers and writers.
His work is regularly featured on SpillWords.com, where he was nominated for the May Publication of the Month in 2017. You can also find him published in Literary Arts Review and Teen Ink, the latter of which published his work in their monthly magazine in 2016.
Much of his work deals with life as someone on the Autism Spectrum, but lately his poetry has shifted gears and focuses more on the post-diagnosis life. The trauma of a confusing and abusive childhood created lines that are raw and heartfelt. Devereaux hopes to continue in his road of recovery through introspection and a heavy dose of rhymes.

“There’s no use in writing if it can’t be shared to uplift and inspire”