so I guess we can record rape, but not actually intervene?

warehouse wishful work

wills will into real grave

early hours heaping helping

of hurt

if I must be up

I might as well tell you how I feel

40 minutes

you just watched for 40 minutes

no intervention, no rush to justice

but just us, watching you

being attacked

is it fun to be abused

to be taken advantage of

are you turned on by victims

of brutality and rape?

did you conceal a hard on in suit pants

catching a quick thrill ride before work

while an innocent woman

lost so much time, so much she didn’t know

she even had

did you see this scenario in porn before?

I have

onlookers gawk while woman is groped

then undressed

it makes you so horny

so delightfully joyful to see a women pressed

and penetrated

porn isn’t “real”, so this can’t be either

besides, it’s America

everyone is free to do what they want

that’s the problem with relativism

you lose all sight of moral compass

because what’s good for you

is good for all mankind

and what’s evil for mankind

truly is evil for you as well

but this? blatant display

narcissistic, satanic, embarrassment

if I could rip the vocal cords

out of every onlooker, I would

suffer them the same way

that women suffered

to have a voice and not be heard

they don’t deserve to speak at all

to be human and have no humanity

social media has turned you into beasts

ghouls and fiends, searching for thrill

to fill your empty heads and souls

at the expense of others, you paint the town

a hideous shade of black and red

drowning us in seas of poisonous inaction

40 minutes

more than a half of football

more than enough time to dismantle him

more than enough time to make him feel pain


more than enough time

for you to choose to do nothing

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