incendiary wishes

the darkness grabs hold of my throat

with piercing nails it whispers

am I man, free and full of life

or beast, chained to the imaginary

foul stench sinks into my nostrils

I am not afraid, however

I know this voice, this beauty

has cleavage so deep and treacherous

it’s as if it was made for me to fall into

the flowers turn black at her feet

her hair twirls into the thunderstorms we fear

one touch, so incendiary, we explode

but she cannot suffocate me

when there is no breath left to give

not a centimeter of flesh

that hasn’t been groped already

her name may be Death

but her offspring are Possibilities

eventually one will take hold within me

to guide me towards direction and purpose

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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