the things I think I know

the ribcage is supposed to protect

keeping the heart inside, intruders at bay

bone cage fit with strength, you failed me

mine is beating in my throat

racing faster than the blood it pushes out

lungs need twice as much air

so they occupy the entire cavity

I’m running towards a mirage of you

the real you has locked the door

and shut me out, maybe forever

you’re running away from me

we were holding our hearts in our hands

now we threaten to rip one another apart

why do friends leave just when you know them

how well do we know our lies? the truth?

something sick is brewing inside

I don’t want you to drink the poison

but neither do I, yet I have no choice

if I can’t speak to you

then I have no options left but suffocating

I stare into your reflection and feel the same

now, as before, the things I see

and seen have not changed what I find

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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