following the white rabbit, part two

do I follow the white rabbit

past your spinning arms

the hypnotic twist of your wires

and blinding burn of your blades

they cut out her clitoris, his penis

bled till the eyes fell out of their head

then placed back, for the torture lasts

longer than you can hold your breath

come up for air, and find more men

some clothed, some nude

holding shards of glass, wooden pegs

or simply dying to taste your young flesh

I see a U.S flag, and naval base insignia

a pastor walks too quickly past this room

has his Christ too condoned my suffering?

or is he in on the massacre as well

they extract my body for game, for prize

feel the humanity drain from my eyes

am I a prisoner of war? or a child lost

in a country that cares more for celebrity

than the truth, Hollywood finds us delicious

but I just want to be free, when it stops

the undying agony of looking down

and seeing new holes where there were none

finding a dog lapping up your blood

and someone in a lab coat adjusting

what appears to be electrical equipment

shock the shit out of me, then say

that’s my dinner, you fucking scum

how do taxpayers pay for my desolation?

when you get up in the morning

before you rush to your busy cooperate world

do you think of me? think of us?

shit happens, and I’m at the bottom of it all

I used to speak several languages

now they programmed me

to ejaculate on command

and terminate the lives of politicians

they no longer find useful

where are the saviors proclaimed on TV

the freedom fighters, the patriots?

oh wait, they’re playing a football game

while the owners divy up the trafficked

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