follow the white rabbit

hook me up

stare at the uniformed men

they each have red and white pins

on jet black jackets

one man stands behind me

he has a skull and bones tattoo on his face

under bloodshot left eye

the floors are hardly attended to

with dark black splotches, dried now

but to wonder what made them

I could not give much thought

here they come, attaching wires to my head

a overhead light blasts rays into my eyes

metal shackles feel cold on wrists and feet

I can hear children screaming

in the other room

mine is red

and the screaming subsides suddenly

with groaning, thudding, and sloshing sounds

I see a shorter man walk towards me

he has a tall black hat

and a necklace with a five pointed star

he leans near my ear and whispers

“come on darling, let’s go to Wonderland”

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