do you think it’s about me?

I just have to apologize

for the past, present, and future

I have a lot to give

and you probably should’ve seen her

dressed to the nine, music on the mind

afraid to disappoint, showed up early

eager to be last to leave every time

I could see her ruining the world

for better, for nature, for fun

but that was then

she fucks strangers for dinner now

some days, the light goes off

a poem here, an instagram story there

then it’s the boulevard for work

dim headlights come to a stop

hers come out in earnest plea

many honk, some joke

and a few take up the offer

when the night is over, she collapses

in a pile of sweat, tears

a few ripped twenty dollar bills

there’s a hundred lying around somewhere

her lucky night

she’ll get some shoes tomorrow

make herself taller

but she’s shrinking all the while

nobody cares

what an outcast, such a shame

silent torments are oblivious to outsiders

imperfectly me crying out

before the chasm swallows the rest of me

3 thoughts on “do you think it’s about me?

  1. Hey Dev!

    First, this is AMAZING! And PERFECT! How do you do it!?! I have to admit, I’m jealous of your talent.

    Second, I was hoping you could clear something up for me…I know that you have been published by TeenInk, and I was wondering how long it took before they got back to you about your submissions. I tried Googling how long it takes to hear back from TeenInk after you submit works, and I didn’t find any answers.


    1. Ha thank you! I’m not sure how I do it either, honestly. And for the second question it really depends. I didn’t have to wait longer than like two weeks (they’re usually pretty quick) but if you don’t get accepted I don’t know if they let you know or not.

      Who is this exactly?


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