becoming the nature I see

blooming bountiful

I wish-no

I am

delicate flower distressed with the scene

giant shadows loom over with crushing power

unnatural winds shatter the tranquility

and every petal is scattered abroad

I wish-no

I was

abducted, force fed pornography and drugs

ruined from the moment I speak, then more

every thought is tainted, every breath poison

is this why it hurts so much to breathe?

I am-no

I can

be a blooming wilderness of wonder

every blink is color from tomorrow’s palette

and i want to see everything unhinged

wonder no one can alter

I am

within you, within them, and together

they become both student and master

One thought on “becoming the nature I see

  1. Hey Dev!

    This is AMAZING! I can’t believe you’re not a famous writer by now. Your work is that outstanding. You. Are. The. BOMB. And so is our writing.

    On an unrelated note, I was hoping your could clear something up for me…I know you’ve been published by TeenInk, and I was wondering how long it took before you heard back from them about your submissions. I tried Googling how long it takes to hear back from TeenInk after you submit works, but I didn’t find any answers.


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