hating you more than I hate myself

I am darkness, I am discomfort

wrestling with your insecurity and fantasy

aren’t they both the same?

you worry about tomorrow

because you’re insecure about today

so you dream of one better

even if reality dictates a more harsh tone

now down your throat comes a train

roaring ahead with pain and sickness plenty

you’d leave if you knew any better

but I tied you to the tracks

because you’re desperate

and I’m crazy

now we’re on the verge of killing each other

just to say we came on one another

isn’t lying so much fun

till your jaw gets broken

when you trip on a landmine

that I planted for you today yesterday

because I can’t watch you live

not with him

not with me

I’m just jealous

of your pretty pink lips

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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