what’s underneath you

you think I see you clearly

I just see what’s under your skirt

pardon me for being crude

but I’m just not interested in the story

who listens to mine?

if you want to ride then you know the drill

otherwise, keep walking and snicker away

whatever you’re saying I’ve already heard

my mind cussed me out every morning

till I’m screaming in the mirror to stop

put my head under water just to make it end

and my face in her crotch to prove a point

but the high fades, the erection retreats

now I’m left with less time than before

and her sweatpants that need replaced

sometimes I just want to take back

everything that I’ve given

because it’s not special to me

if you can get it from ten other guys

it’s just another dick, another session

another car jolting ride in an abandoned alley

it’s just I’m not there watching it

you tell me he’s done it with you too

but I’m better

is that a consolation prize? do I feel better?

I fucking hate you

so I block you and throw away the phone

you’re just broken, like me

raped and sullied

gagged and thrown out with all the trash

you don’t know how bad you’re hurting me

cause you don’t know

how bad you’re hurting

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