lost in my head

but of course that’s not how it goes

shit, she blocked me several times

found a boyfriend, told me to get lost

what we had was dead and forever gone

I broke down, slurred the strangers

the bar kicked me out, said I was belligerent

all I want is for somebody to fuck me

for someone to love me

I straddled my slipping grip on reality

and crawled back to my twin bed

I cried so long, the sheets felt like a river

and I was floating helpless on the Nile

the trees lost their leaves

before a special phone number called

I could hardly control my erection

she wanted to see me again

but I was confused, didn’t she hate me?

I don’t understand social cues

was this sarcasm? A prank?

what I do now, is that staring at her pink lips

(the second kind) in the backseat

well, this has to be real

she was all over me again

I was back to being Pharaoh

and every breath I took back her land

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