feeling cold on summer days

why did she ever leave the first time

and what of the new guy?

I had so many questions

but she had the best answer

“I’ll see you next time”

I pulled my pants back on

threw some water in my face

I think I’m alive again

that, or this is all a Dream

and I’m constantly hard in heaven

chase the fucking high

till the seat of your pants rip off

run naked towards the horizon

I just feel my heart beating again

and that’s all I want

but when it’s next to someone else’s

you can’t tell me this isn’t a haven

for every last tear I’ve cried

this is real

or I’m just imagining

like when I was abused, I made up stories

is that why I’m a writer?

imagining not being burned, imagining love

no scars or welts, just friends and fortunes

no need to shiver on July afternoons

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