feel you inside mine

and I see now that you’re crying out

let me lick you dry

inside and out

because you need it

we need each other, for one night

to feel human

the candle we light gives us hope

that maybe someone else likes us

and sends us on a path

much clearer than the one we’ve walked

or do we get abused and scorned again

and fixing ourselves

with ourselves

staring at each other’s naked bodies

wondering what do we do this time

how can we make the pain go away

we can’t kill ourselves

but I can choke you while you’re moaning

and your eyes can roll back

the stars might wretch

but I don’t care for them right now

you’re wearing a purple lace bra

thick black pumps

and too much eyeliner

that screams I’m such a fucking mess

I’ve spent twenty years screwing up

now screw me for twenty minutes

and I oblige

because we both know how similar we are

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