sadness becomes sickness

gee fuck, I actually liked you

somehow, my brain turned on

I made jokes, I smiled when you do

I touched your hand, my nerves rang mad

something inside me flipped on

I got to kiss you, kissing you daily

we made out in a thunderstorm

I was so mad with fever I never once

wondered what would happen

if you suddenly never came back

I began to shiver, to question

who was I really? for ever believing

that love was real for me

or that I deserved it

I liked the high, illuminating momentum

plastered over all of my insecurities and doubt

she kissed me, kissed me daily

and never once hesitated

to show me the woman held inside

my poetry is elaborated within your hand

convictions subdued in the passion

and closed over with your lips

I surrender to the wave of completion

no more wondering, I have wandered no more

now is no time, no time at all to forgive

just forget today so tomorrow

we love as if we’ve never even met

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