an accident

I’d pour myself another cup

another watered down memory

a token of our lust and forget

a chance at a memory and resuscitation

swirl the dark brown contents

feel the amber taste on my tongue

the house of memories

you used to call home

now I’m renting several scars and a burn

I just want to feel full again

but they don’t match your passion

you twisted me up, tied me down

and I’ve never felt more free

what does tomorrow bring, what will he take

there’s a chance, at the end of the bottle

I’ll find you again

running up the driveway

after a long week away

I’d kiss you on the lips in joy

of all the hands to hold, you picked mine

of the time we can waste

you wasted them with me

walks by the lake make me cry now

and the silence in the trees haunts

I still don’t fucking get it

how you drowned that evening

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