fighting the line

I’ve got no deadline, no end sales date

never past expiration, always ready to rumble

rolling into your house like a tiger tank

you’ve spent your reserves taunting

now watch me, full of energy saved

in my youth I hated you

funny thing, I still do

but now I know why

it burns like nitrous gas in your lungs

poison slipped in your food

now your dying tongue

can no longer harass me for being unique

wake them up, shake their rust

I’ve fallen and I fell in the right direction

now feel my pain humming in these words

I am my own representation

I acknowledge my own resurrection

no followers, no law, or any amount of order

can stifle the chaos inside of me

raging volcanic on the most extreme

I conquer monsters in my dreams

then turn my cheek to your insults today

I have nothing left to fear

I’ve known worse than you

smelled death’s foul fluid in my mouth

and tasted rotting fingers on my pillowcase

fight me, fuck me

but you won’t just kill me

I just won’t die

and I used to wonder why

now, I know what I must do

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