thinking back

am I wrong to love you

to crave you, to desire every single thing

that passes between your lips

underneath your tongue

stored away in your blood

your body is a tomb waiting to be discovered

gold and silver trappings restore my hope

like Lara Croft I endure for the sake of time

with endurance I preserve the art of lust

swaying through friend and foe

laying fire to opposing factions

just to find you

and even if you are imaginary

lost to memory when I fall asleep

I can no longer deny

that you were my greatest accomplishment

fear and forget are byproducts of standstill

I was always moved with you, when you

take me away to forest corner of time

then sling me back to here and now

the gift of the present is the greatest present

sometimes I hear your name and black out

I’m a little kid

back on the west side again

watching Priest Holmes highlights

the future war never crossing my mind

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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