the next breath is the last

ready to take off, ready to soar
I’m tired of sighing, no longer lying
laying in the waste, my soul is ready to fly
all the money in the world, I still want more
the grass is greener when I’m still
life is a choice, and I have free will
I can see the birds poke their heads out
silently observing, fate on the route
some will live, some will die, but all feel
the reality of simplicity, that high is real
everyday I come home feeling spent
people suck my energy right out of me
some don’t mean, some can’t help it
angry and passive and sore isn’t meant to be
I need to write because I feel the fight
and the pain I feel is so wrong, I must write
if I save ten thousand souls, or save none
my heart is finally mended when I am one
with nature and the stardust I came from
the tears will finally mean more than pain
from ship to slave to prison cells
I have no diamond ring, no gold chain
I’ve been a slave for too long
I just want to go home

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