watching their tongues (I cut them out)

crawl out of my skin and watch me die
the soul is leaping, but my spirit is dry
failed to be quenched by sex and poetry
to lay my heart to your lips, to feel the lines
every imaginable high left me low
now I’m lost in a sea of translation and hate
of good gone bad gone evil gone suicidal
not without tossing a grenade on the metro
and watching their bloody faces splatter
the decapitated tongues feel so good
in between my fingers as I collect them
for my treasury this is the perfect fetch
don’t worry, I’ll get my time soon enough
I too find the sweet moss and stench of mud
I get my karma dealt to me, but for now
let me be the fucking frenzy
I’ve lost so much sense I just sell myself
to whoever can keep her face down longest
I’m a maniac in a world that feigns control
dictating diction to defective listeners
rip the cords from your ears, the sockets
of your eyes aren’t good for anything but smut
watch we dance on the graves of ancestors
because there’s nothing there to glorify
dead people love wishing the dead were alive
I’m alive and I wish to fall off the wheel
but I can’t
no, I haven’t repaid the murder yet

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