today is just yesterday recovered from the hangover

I’m not saying it doesn’t burn

today is just simply, today

sure, I’ve had warmer moments

the sky can always be bluer

and I can tune out the outside world

a little harder

but today

I just don’t feel like breathing

can I be suspended in time

when I’m not moving forward or backward

where the pain isn’t gone

but not hurting me either

I’d like to believe I’m healing

but each sunrise

is accompanied by waking eyes

and an immediate bowel movement

some vomiting

reminder that I really don’t like this world

it doesn’t like me

we argue and fight, often too much

I’d sell out this place for an hour of rest

because I don’t belong here

and it never took me in

I’d be content to watch

from a mothership full of light

this rotten rock burn and fester with agony

the way I did

in the way I do


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