Love With Fire

We love with fire

When it rains, the drops burn

Before they even touch the scorched earth

Your eyes opened are Sauron

And I’m rooting through your earth

You’re searching, I’m falling

The ring was forged

When you placed your hands on my neck

And told me to never stop

We love with pain

Deserted by life, we took each other

Knife to throat, who are you?

and who am I, that I find myself saved

by your embrace, by your breath

I am restored

So long we’ve trudged a miserable road

Long nights, storms everlasting

But a ray of light shined through

Now I’m loving the things I used to hate

The things I was told weren’t for me

Maybe I’m still too broken to be free

Too miserable to be recognized

At least if I’m going to be alone

I’m with you

Loving with fire

Till we burn each other out

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