Not Who You Think

I said to her

I’m not what you think who I am

Matter is martyred for the good of nature

I am the dust that settles between the pages

Tattered and well read, I’ve left a mess

Upon the hands of everyone I’ve touched

Each night when I come home to rest

Is it ever not a wonder why I’m still here

I can be such an empty silence, so still

The beat of a butterfly’s wings

Would cause a tsunami of emotion

Leaving me paralyzed within the moment

Chained to the rhythm of devotion

I say to her

There is something that keeps us apart

Until we learn to love what isn’t

Can we ever love what is

Molten memories scar the youth of today

The sun shines but we ask it to go away

Away in the closet, writing words of severance

When I grow up, I’ll create a new life

When I show up, I’ll fabricate a new lie

When I…the day never showed, the story

Never grows, only inward and depressive

Greatly flawed are all of my selections

Even the tiniest breath is taken too early

Or too late

Just like when I say to you

I’m not who I thought I was

I never am

I never


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