Finding The Light

Where’s the sun

Everything I’ve done knows no light

Little seeds nestled in the shade

They threw, I grew

Now they can’t stand in my way

My shadow eclipses the past

The laughs, the jokes

I don’t even remember anymore

Who are you, who am I

Running scared when they see my eyes

There’s no life, no right

Just knives sticking out my back

I pulled them out, licked them clean

Watch the blade shine through the night

Someone’s looking for you now

Don’t hide now

Jumped in the front to call me out

Said I’d never make it far

Pretend to hang from a tree

Now don’t they all look stupid

But if you thought I had finished

You might consider looking back

Horses race down the track

Driven by innate desire

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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