Breathless Silence

No more

No mercy, mortal

Mortality is what drives my pen

Crushes procrastination, salted

And sown on the field of their eyes

My successes burn the optics

I am not who they thought I was

And I am no longer who I could have

I stop, the glass needs refilling

But not too long

They want to pass me

And every lane is full of potential

How many have tasted the burn, though

Running alcohol rubs the throat raw

I can swallow anything and nothing

My soul screams in breathless silence

The world knows what I want

The bitter echoes left cataracts on my heart

Bleeding, every time I try to love

Breaking, every time I realize it’s not mine

Vengeance curdles in my throat

I can feel it rising, so sexually satisfying

Is the art of perfect timing

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