I’m so angry, bitterness condensed

Disgusting and molded, don’t touch me

I’m so far past your love and care

Nothing can bring me back to life

Strike a match, strike me a million

I’ll just bleed, I always have

Bled for false love, went hungry for false hope

Left for dead by the slightly more attractive

Corpses and cuddles, I’ll never be matched

Nobody sees me in their tomorrow

So I’ll see myself out the door yesterday

Why am I such a disgrace


Tickles me red, wretched and weary

All over the bathroom floor

Surrender the exploits from the night before

I wish to never not live, never be human again

So I can’t remember, I can’t be remembered

Because there’s nothing to know

What was no longer exists

What exists is a memory I hate

A plate I no longer feel filled by

One day, the lie will no longer be enough

And I will die

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