But I Don’t Look Sick

But I don’t look sick?

And the Earth, she never ever

Looked more beautiful

From the outside, dancing

Around her special star

A dying breed, the guy who stays

Through all the hazards of space and time

Look deeper, and there’s a battle

Brewing deep inside her heart

Raise your hand, she’ll flinch so hard

There’s the daddy issues, the abuse

When she was three, he found her alluring

So much he buried her head in the pillow

Felt every inch of her, everything left

Slipped out her mouth in whispers

Nobody saved her so she learned to expect

Everybody to leave her

Preschool, kindergarten, middle school

High school, college, adult life

You can get gaped by every guy on your block

Smoke the gas station out of Marlboro

And fill the bathtub with your liquor vomit

Explore every last vice, excrete the carnage

It can’t take away the pain, there’s the hole

Cigarette burns left scars on her lips

The second pair, she had a rough life

But no, you see the Abercrombie and Fitch

Admire the Vera Bradley watch, the Oakleys

She does look sick, in the dopest way, right?

If she weren’t so ashamed of her body

Family can be more embarrassing

Than strangers

If she weren’t so ashamed of your shame

And the need to discover a new body to claim

She’d drop off the wardrobe and show you

What true pain looks like

Wounds so raw you don’t even cry

Every word you spoke was a cry for more

More beatings, deeper penetration

All behind doors you should’ve called home

This bitch isn’t sick, shes fucking depressed

Now she’s standing on the balcony

With the moon at her back

She could jump and be another name

Maybe she’ll get a star named after her

Not allowed to live on Earth

So she’ll die in space

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