Killing Me Quietly

Steam fills the room

Doors shut, headphones in

I’m not a danger to anyone but tomorrow

The things I ignore tonight

And the words I ignite today

Giving life to the recreation

Spitting fire into the chasm

What comes out? Demons run in fear

Angel swinging sword marvelous

Slice the head clean from the bone

Welcome to the my blackness

It’s ragged, traumatized, and waiting

Tired of it


Watching it take root, overwatering it

Crying when it dies, trying again

Each leaf is a promise, every day

Is a hope that I could grow

The abuse wreaks like mulch

But the environment found me worthy

So I grow, and though the world

Won’t see me to the end, and distaste the fruit

My oxygen leaves indelible mark

You consume me without thought

Touch me without consent

And love me

Without uttering a semblance of name

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