Killing of Mother Nature

Lily petals line the resting streams

And the dragonflies dash there and then

A summers wind rests on my face

My back is surrounded by little fishes

Big wish, to be seen as the eagle

Not the roach

Insensitive scum is the ogling heart of man

Bitter drinks we heave into our mouths

Then watch our intestines cry in agony

Wrung our from years of ignorance

The body ignores our tears

And afterwards, we die

Though we did hoist the trophies

Parading our hubris and galavanting youth

In the streets of time, we danced in moonlight

Her lips felt like rubies when we kissed

Weighing me down until I cracked the bed

With our intellect

We plowed Gaia till she burst in terror

Telling ourselves she would enjoy it

If we did it super rough

And blindfolded the children



Telling the story to the sky

Somebody has to hear the tragedy

The trauma

Rots the DNA, turns it to asphalt in the vein

Falling farther from the sky, they sink

Into couches and down video games

The spine evaporates, the brain slumps

Can you read my heart, spell my soul

Will your attention span even let you breathe?

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