What I Lost

where have I been/where have I lost

in everything/and in nothing/I’ve lost

the sense and sight/the world has no light

sickly humans sell human slaves/and I lost

all respect for every person/who claims to love

but watches movies/eats fast food/you lost

my respect/disgusting beasts are man

woman and child as well/disease corrupts

but you suck it down on every knee/delicious

it may seem, right now/tomorrow the acid

rots and leaves holes in your throat/I laugh

at the whole community/the woke crowd

the rioters, the protestors/uplifted as saints

they are poster boy sinners/they don’t care

if they trample over the dead/the trigger

was theirs to wield/and I watch and write

write and watch/the sun never sets

and man never rests from murder/shine

a light, and watch them scatter/close

the door and you can hear children burn/cross

after cross is magnified/the owl is lifted high

humanity slumbers/face down in race

religion and righteousness/rumblings

are left for the theorists

and we are told whatever we want to hear

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