Songs of Completion

I feel a wind/cool and enlightening

carrying hope/a promise of a better tomorrow

or simply the next four hours/I work

and try to remain present/but man sees

little/and the man would have me starve, die

anything but confess he is inadequate/I will

go to my grave, full of years/wisdom/words

few spoken, many saved/for a day like today

I have never been enough/but I try to change

the moments of the future/thoughts, today

be still and enjoy the simple/I cannot buy

any sliver of hope/though it may be costly

the price of peace is one I will always pay/now

I listen for the coming of darkness/entering

the womb of seclusion/poets are reborn

in the glittering of moonlight/wolves cry

the trees dance/and the rivers sing

the songs of completion

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