Dining On The Youth

pour the poor into little cups

dish their needs out to the rich

wealthy benefactors who placate

while wishing to dine and date

the young women, teapots brimming

with calming wisdom and restoring clarity

smash them over the heads with dread

threats to sever them from their source

saucers shattered from a young age

the oppression is systemic, the trauma

relentless and burning hotter

than the fire upon which they are served

little boys treated like knives

as a game, a test, a duel

split them at the seams, then split those

what’s left are myriads of monsters

Greek mythology left stunned

killing machines turned on and off

you call them Bucky, you call them Romanoff

they call them Loyal

press their fingers underneath their scrotum

kiss their faces and tell them they’re anew

wrap their bodies around five or ten

whatever taxpayers are willing to pay for

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