Perfectly (NOT) Understood

what is this sound I hear

I can’t tune it out, the simplicity

and eagerness begs to be discovered

to whom does it belong

is it mine?

flawlessly thriving, patiently spellbinding

weaving itself into the fabric and rhythm

are these rhymes mine or planted by divine

melodies that change the course of time

since 1999?

I am perfectly not understood

their confusion is matched only

by my desire to be myself

so that I seem to be disillusioned with their lie

or failing in attempt to please

I see what I want to see, they see

what they are told to think is there

I breathe in and out and in again

they drink poison from expensive glasses

and think they’ve achieved

2 thoughts on “Perfectly (NOT) Understood

  1. I Like To Thank You For Your Poetry, That Brings Me Nearer Of The Death In Me, My Survivor Guilt.
    It Is My Last Here ( I Won’t Bother Anymore) Perfectly (NOT) Understood For The Ones That Understand. A Heart And A Soul..A Joy Division.

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