Totally (Not) Fine

the monotonous hum of mechanical fan

cold air pricks bare skin

illuminated by the grace of sunlight

spiderling revealing, disease prohibiting


there’s a cobweb to my right

an old friend drops in to say hello

only seven legs, unfortunately , and I wonder

how he chooses to press on


I take to the written word like the poets before

leaving the outside noise where it belongs

on the backs of looters and murderous clowns

the pocket squares of the billionaire buffoons

fail to dissolve my skeptic

where there is imagination, there is life

underneath the stones are millions of homes

kicked and hurled for pleasure and pain

is it ever considered that they might be living

and your gain is their demise

now more than ever I see that people

do not see or hear the pleas of those below

or the duty demanded by the ones on high

it is simply us, now and forever

the greatest and most deathly lie

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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