humidity gorges on the anxiety

muscles lunge for the nearest bottle

water, ice cold

she reaches too, so bold

now I’m frozen stiff

it’s okay, she’ll leave just the others

racing past as roadrunner in the desert

I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m laughed at, I’m bold

I see the future but dive deep in the present

tonight, I finally get what they all deserve

broken noses and bloodied suits

cocaine coats the floor, but I kick it up

dust clouds my nostrils and I’m dancing

their headstones served as holders

witnesses to my rage

kicked out their circles, slaughtered their head

gun to the temple, tell me, who do you serve

the cherubim didn’t acknowledge the silence

the silent, the anxious

we waited our turn

then blasted off their hands, their feet

they used to mock our stance, our gaze

now I piss on their dead-eye glances

soon to be bloated bodies

time fucks everyone if you stay sedentary

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