Play With Me, Cause I’m So Bored

Play with me

Cause I’m so bored

Crossed the entrance, drew two white lines

Dancing stars shake their shame in my face

And I’ve lost all track of time

Take a swig, then a chug

Watch the bottles collect on the floor

There’s someone knocking on the door

But her teeth shine through her smile

She bobs her head up and down for a while

She tells the world started with darkness

Then burst with everlasting light

Creating life and children followed

I told her I was about to let go of a galaxy

And she wiped it off her stained lips

I buttoned my shirt, she counted her cash

Telling me of a dream to reach California

To kiss the ocean and cry away the pain

It seemed a joke, to go from halfway

All the way to shining sea

I gave her an extra K and told her to follow

If she wanted, I could show her endless day

No more beatings, no more alley robberies

A ticket out, a star-gate to sun

But no

“I don’t know anything else”

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