Before The Sand Falls

I’m a bridge, a causeway to destiny

Cause I light the way out the dark

No tricks, no games, just answers to the spark

I was lost in life, trapped by rebels in a cave

Then the light came on, I became Tony Stark

Somebody told me “don’t waste it”

This life, this breath, this family

Every god and demon imaginable inside of me

I don’t sleep, I hardly dream, just lying awake

I can’t ever give this pen a fucking brake

I’ll beat the shit out this beat, even if I’m late

To your party, I already arrived at hers

She thinks she needs you, she thinks small

If I spend my all then I’ll go through the wall

There’s time for work, then there’s a time

To time what I’ve done with all of this time

You run out of things before the sand falls?

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