Autistic Trips Vol.9-Broken

Walked a block to cry in a park

It’s midnight here, but it doesn’t seem so dark

Not as cold and clammy as my sagging heart

Why do my tears always tear me apart

I think of the beatings, I think of the blood

And I know I should’ve been done

But after all these years I’m still sitting here

Alone writing poems in the dark

I’m sorry I cried in front of you tonight

You don’t even know, it makes me feel so light

To know I’m loved by you, and you by me

Is that alright? Can I stay the night?

Your words calm my fears, stave off my fright

Even though if it were left up to me

I’d commit suicide, writing poems in the night

It’s not fair to be left here shaking, broken

I’m crying out can’t you hear my name!

Yes I human, yes I am strong

But I can only endure this fight for so long

Trying to cut away my shame

I cut away every good grace god ever gave

Please don’t cry over me, I’m fine

Pleas don’t text me, I’m just dying

The man you see is the boy he beat

I’m not bleeding, I’ve just been bled

And here I am saying to you, one more night

I’ll find away to put away the knives

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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