Autistic Trips Vol.7-The Boy You Know

The boy you know today doesn’t even exist

It’s just a mirage, a lie, a guilt trip

Taking me and you back to a place of shame

I guess you can say I was born this way

Broken chairs and fists always did the trick

Blood trickled from my head, nose, and lips

Until he tired of beating and left me alone

This was the basis of which I called home

Partially digested ruins made into a man

Now almost 21, but I feel this is the last stand

Everyday asks if I should see tomorrow

I don’t want this grief and pain any longer

Reeling from sour memory, I’m sick to my core

I wish to disappear, every breath is a chore

Somebody stop me before I stop myself

The pills in the cupboard, the knife on the shelf

Call out to me, beseeching to end the misery

Sometimes I want to die, but for the poet in me

To bleed without suffering, write the pain

To finish without death, and right the name

5 thoughts on “Autistic Trips Vol.7-The Boy You Know

  1. Your words always resonate with me. You’ve got a strength in you like I’ve never seen. That tremendous willpower of yours is what keeps you going and I know it always will. ❤️

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