If It Were

if it were physical

I’d cut you off

if it were mental

I’d forget to remember you

but I think this connection

sees deeper than the tide of sun

or the unluckiest tempest of the sea

and though we’ve disagreed

in levels of silence, decadent ignorance

unpalatable by most conscious beings

each time we found open fields once again

maybe we’ll stop bickering

start rebuilding

bridges towards old paths forgotten

and memories of new dreams embodied

in the wishful words

I do

One thought on “If It Were

  1. We want to create a connection
    with what we love and care
    we want to cut off our relation
    with things that feel being unfair
    I know it’s difficult to fight this
    but I want you to be aware
    cause you’re not fighting alone
    so you don’t have to be scared.


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