Look at my sarcastic grin

The mirrors shudder on the wall

I’m not the fairest, just the baddest

Most devilishly demented one of all

My hands stay bloodied, my mouth

Stays full of my enemies bodies

There’s always someone to chew out

Off goes their head, boom goes the dynamite

And I just might tear you a new one

People tried to make me into one of them

The copy machine ran out of ink

Now I’m barking, they don’t like how I sing

Feed my thoughts with doubts, so I’ll dream

Sad, manic, depressed

I’m all of these, I’ve got a disorder

I don’t aim to please, never on my knees

Except to admire the pool of blood you lie in

Is it cold? The bitterness of death overwhelms

Thanks for the organs, they feed my passion

And the excrement? I ignore it

Your pity is not a sacrifice of atonement

You can never be at one with me, I am mine

Broken and refurbished, remade every day

Mirror, mirror on the wall

What can I do

To recover from a fall

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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