what we can be

One light, too bright, the blackness


Apparel, we’re donned with dignity

To you, we seem, destiny robbed of sense

But we, you see, have more than cents

To offer the mediocre panhandlers of today

Passion springs forth in demands of change

No checks, no cash, just a rash believer

In truth, the youth, can achieve anything

But they need to see leaders, not followers

No drunkards, slaves strung on little wires

We tire yet cannot retire

Because there’s something that’s flickering

My eyelids hide the fire, so our desire

Flares out to every corner of the globe

Establishment can sob, but I will rob

The world of the belief that this is it

This is all we were made to acquire

Money, jewelry, and fancy attire

Put the brakes to our tires

Walk a mile with me

And see the glory in all of us

In spite of who we are, this is what

We can be

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