her love

What’s next for us, can’t you tell

It’s loneliness and simplicity, can’t you tell

I’m not the one of her dreams, my hope

Is only a dream, realized by heaven

As an endless bit of comedy played

For angels delight

I can hear the mockery, the couch breaking

As they howl away in boisterous delight

Nobody feels sorry for me, I don’t want it

I just wish I could have my moment, my time

Alone in the spotlight, without a chair

And a cord beneath me

Where do we go from here but down?

Alcohol burns

and my spirit boils to a reduction

But you can’t reduce the space between us

Or the words spent to show I care

If I ever told you what I really felt

If I ever did dare, you’d probably laugh

All they ever do, is laugh

I can text you everyday but nothing changes

You’re talking to someone else, early stages

I’m standing there at the window

Wishing that he was me

But that’s Cap’s fantasy, and mine

Is a reality littered with land mines

Between a black girl’s love

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