alone 🥺

Leave me alone

No, seriously

Leave me alone

I didn’t ask to be put in this body

But here I am, and my emotions stay crawling

Burrowing and buried underneath the tears

Broken hearted, still drawing

I just want your attention

Tell me that you’re near, tell me that you care

I’ll keep writing until you tire of the repetition

The religion of souls keeps heart on a cross

Say I’ve got the lead, but my hands are boss

I pen the battles my body would die if spoken

Until you take my fingers I can’t be broken

And break every bone in my body, if I can write

Then every shackle in heaven and hell is light

My headaches are verses

holy water sprinkled in the internet’s palms

Sunrise may attempt to spew curses

And troubling thoughts it certainly brings

So I fall asleep in the arms of silence

Escape into the battlefield of dreams

Slaughter the insecurity left by a sick father

A warrior, confidence in brimming in smirk

Laughing louder

and louder

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