Deep, dark pits

Black as my soul, pour oil over my raging fire

I’m so sick of crying and bleeding, I tire

Of wishing for their love, I reject my own

I watched the busy world go by, windows

Cracked, broken, shattered reflections

Not of a productive world, but soul in slumber

The burning tore me asunder, ask me to speak

Brought rivers of pain from places I knew not

Yet felt were always there, why was I so sad?

Why was I so sad? I couldn’t get out of bed

Without crying, without begging to be free

Just for a moment from the pain, the pressure

To fit in, to be just like them

To win, that’s what they call it, yeah

If I ever needed a drug, I had my own

All I needed was to wake up, and I’d be high

On all the things I couldn’t do, the things

I should be able to, according to them

I was Atlantis, something wanting to be found

Yet requiring too much commitment

Forgotten, and equally unresponsive

I’m sorry if I never answered your calls

I can hardly hear over the ocean, the wind

At my back as I walk along the wharf

In my dreams I hear them calling for me

Telling me if I don’t step over, they’ll love me

But I don’t, and I do

Because I know they never will

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