Got a gift from the divine

Call it cynical, call it unethical

I give it a name of truth: my one track mind

Sparing my ears from the chatter

Of ugly conversation plastered

In the larynx of the people around

My soul is infested with a parasitic heart

Loving the things that render it weak

Riding waves of cataclysm toward the brink

What can I say, I adore the edge, the drugs

Laced in the tongue of my stripper

She teases me to the realm of mystery

Then snatched back my head into her hands

Drink her poison till my bones mellow

Forever enchanted, I am not a lonely fellow

Blink of my eye, the world goes into pause

Lock step with her jaws, I swallow her sins

Until all of heaven rends in dismay

And when I wake up, she’s gone

I’m on a one way trip to hell

As I took every shot I could take

And kissed every crevice

That I couldn’t penetrate

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