Falling Short

Sweat on my back attracts

Biting bugs, lying amongst the thistles

They sense I’m alive?

Somebody knows something I don’t

Or didn’t

Cutting only bleeds you of temporary pain

But there’s nothing to ease

The immortal struggle

Of being seen and yet unseen

Loved yet wholly misunderstood

Shouldn’t they know who I am?

Should I?

Why do people get close

Just to rip out your heart

A token of their mortality

By taking your immortality

A sword in the stone, a magicians trick

Making you believe you have a say

In time’s greatest trip

Taking you out, where the riptides are sly

The oceans beautiful, but the view

Is better from below

And wouldn’t you like to know

What secrets the waters beneath

Have for us all

When ships scrape the bottom

They carve love songs, promising get reward

Yet always fall short of the promise

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