Dilemmas deny my soul any rest

Fall into bed at six, wake up sixty later

And my eyes will watch the sun rise

I hurt someone, someone close, someone

Somewhere, and I know who they are

They know me

We don’t speak a single word

Because too much has already been done

Destined to collide in public memorial

Memorandum to this, sorry isn’t enough

I feel shackled to my ignorance

And sweating under the hot breath of stupid

How else can I call taking someone’s life

And using it for my own gain?

I never meant to hurt you, but I did

And I never meant it to be this way, but

It is

And I am

Such a fool

For ever thinking it would go away

Forever thinking I’ll always be cursed

With a mouth that doesn’t talk enough

Except for when it’s too late

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