To Do

Sit me down

Close my eyes

Let me sigh, let me die


Wait, don’t do that, just

Tingle with my conscious

Spark the ignition, then light it on fire

Let me live and love, then hate myself

For ever trying to be with you

So sick of being so close, yet so far

I’ll give up, hang the self, fate is on

A rout

No doubt, the cycle will continue

Will anyone be moved by my story

Stirred by my pain

I’ve cried so much, I just sit and stare

Red with anger and a loss for words

Yes, me, stunned with no key or clue

There’s a threshold of doubt

Then what I’ve been left to do

What is there

To do?

One thought on “To Do

  1. I think you have fought alone
    thriving for a long time being
    that there’s nothing left to do
    at least is what you are seeing
    hope with these words here
    you get a happy heart beating.

    Is happiness a simple task?
    maybe you have too much
    can’t bear what is in the bask
    why not do good for others?
    If what is left to do you ask.

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