Aspergers fall out boy Poetry reflections

Too Personal

If I didn’t take it personally

Then I wouldn’t feel so deeply

And how could I know, then

That this love was so real

It’s not a make-out and strand each other

Kind of love

It’s not a think-ima-marry-you

Kind of love

It’s a kind of love that smiles in the doorway

And hugs before swiping out in the hallway

It’s a kind of love that lets boundaries be

And we never try to scale them unless we say

It’s okay, this kind of love

This kind of love, what humans were made for

Is more than okay, it’s fantastic

Like our napkins, love comes in different colors

And each one requires a certain sacrifice

But a love that doesn’t expect

Yet is glad to have

Is the highest, because it ask for nothing

Hopes for anything

And is content with everything

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