I’ve never smiled, like ever

Somehow, I just seem to be under the weather

Bad mood, got a taste for crappy food

Wings and fries to drown the lies

Batter the truth, my lease on love is grease

I toss out in the trash

I’ve felt friendly, but the good vibes don’t last

Somebody finds me lacking, some girl I like

Finds me less than, boring, or weak

I take everything so fucking personally

I know I shouldn’t, but how can I not

I know that I was born this way, but somehow

I feel like it’s my fault

I didn’t ask to be born this way, but sometimes

God wants to be entertained a little, I guess

Stumble over air cause I lack balance

Stare at everything cause I’m just weird

I’m learning about you, but I can’t say it

Cause that’s weird too

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